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Hi I’m Agnes but ¬†my friends like to call me Aggie ūüôā ¬†

I’m a life enthusiast, an artventurer, passion strategist, and ¬†” The Trekking Banana” , I’ve been told that I’m multi-passionate.

It’s very nice of you to stop by.

Living everyday of my life¬†with passion, authenticity and being mindful, doing what I love is what makes me happy. I believe that without passion, life is life-less, you are not truly “living” and I believe that passion comes from the heart not from the head. You can’t intellectualise passion. Life is simply about being happy!

I spent many years as a psychologist working with individuals who were stressed, needing clear direction in their life about their relationships, their¬†work and themselves.¬† Metaphorically speaking, I filled my psychological “tool box” and trained¬†to acquire¬†¬†skills, knowledge and qualifications ¬†in NLP, EFT, EMDR, solution focused therapy, rational emotive therapy, meditation and¬†even fitness and exercise. This enabled me to be better equipped in guiding, supporting and serving my clients.

Since deciding to leave my “psychologist” ¬†life behind me, being a Passion Strategist suits me and my personality at lot better.

My Passions

Some¬†of my¬†greatest passions¬†include¬†exploring, discovering and experiencing food, culture, art, people, ¬†health and happiness, giving back, outdoor adventures, the world and sketching. Which is why I guess I have been told that I’m multi-passionate. ¬†A quite appropriate label really, given that I’m a Passion Strategist!

My Blogs

Because of my multitude of passions, I began writing and sharing my stories and thoughts about food, culture and travel at :

I also blog about my art ventures, and my thoughts and stories on happiness, health and humour at :

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I hope that you will find something here for yourself or anyone in your life you know, who have similar passions.

My mantra has become, ¬†“collect moments not things” and I believe that ……

Our truest life is when we are in dreams awake

I encourage you to live passionately and choose happiness everyday.

See you on the other side.

Aggie ūüôā